SoaringSpirits aka Liam is a contestant, currently competing in Survivor ORG 1: South Africa

Profile (W.I.P)Edit

  • Name: Liam S.
  • Current Residence: Germany
  • Personal Claim Of Fame: Self-Published Author, 
  • Inspiration In Life: Russell Hantz
  • Hobbies:
  • Pet Peeves: Hypocrites, Backstabbers, etc.
  • 3 Words To Describe You: ​Competitive, Friendly, Crazy
  • If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why?:
  • 'Most Favorite Survivor (Main or ORG): '
  • Least Favorite Survivor (Main or ORG): 
  • Reason for Being on Survivor: 
  • Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor?: 
  • Why You Think You'll Be The Sole Survivor?: 

Survivor: South AfricaEdit

He came into the show and was voted off first.

Some attributes
First Seasons

South Africa

Second Ranking


Third Job

Who has jobs?

Other attributes

Voting HistoryEdit


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