Returning Players in Solar's ORG Wiki are former contestants who have won or been voted out that were offered the opportunity to return for another shot at becoming the Sole Survivor.


Survivor ORG 2: Japan, invited back two castaways who spent little time in the first season to compete against fourteen new contestants for another shot at winning the game.
Survivor ORG 3: Maldives, invited back three castaways who spent little time in their original seasons to compete against fifteen new contestants for another shot at winning the game.
Survivor ORG 5: Angola, this season invited ten castaways from the first three seasons to compete against ten new players.
Survivor ORG 7: Peru, in this season, eighteen players from the first five seasons had the opportunity to return, in hopes of improving upon their previous placements. Whether they were booted early, idoled out, or taken out by rocks, these players were back with a hunger for Revenge, Revival, and Redemption.
Survivor ORG 9: Heroes vs. Villains, this season invited back twenty-two castaways from previous eight to either be on the tribe of heroic players or the tribe villainous players.
Survivor ORG 12: Indonesia, this season invited thirteen players back from the first ten seasons to compete against new players. Unlike Angola, multi-time players and winners can compete.
Survivor ORG 14: Cambodia, this season brought back 9 favorites from the previous thirteen seasons to face off against new players.
Survivor ORG 15: Kiribati, this season brought back 24 players from the previous 14 seasons and divided them by their placements in their original season.
Survivor ORG 18: Tokelau, this season brought back 9 returning players to compete against new players.

Returning Players by SeasonEdit

Season Returned to Future Season Season Returned to Future Season
Survivor SouthAfrica RitchDiantedNajim rahmanDawny
Wes holdenDrfizMangaYoshiEdgardo
LiamAdam PJasonAli
BCW7U LuckyAndrewJeremy bernard (2)
Jaylen150px-24796927.pngLarge 1163871
Maldives JrCalebNickWill
Treasure Island Logo NicholasIanMangaTrevor
Survivor Wikia Angola - Fans vs Favorites AngolaAussAngolaLucasAngolaByesinAngolaRenzAngolaToby
BVWLogo MatthewBvWSzymonBvWJamieBvWWesleyBvW
Survivor Wikia Peru JarenRevivalIanRevivalAndreasRevival
SurvivorGreeceLogo TrevorGreeceSherylGreeceRyanGreece
HVLogo WesHvVMatthewHvVSolarHvVTobyHvV
Fiji1 JessyFijiTylerFijiXavierFijiTraceFiji
LogoVietnam BryceVietnamSeanVietnamMaxVietnam
Indonesialogo S12JAS12AllisonS12Trace
Mongolia Logo 2 S13AlexS13RedS13JamesS13Minke CambodiaLogo S14Ayhan
Teneilogo None LaosLogo S16Ci'ereS16MaxS16Nicolai
CILogo S17MarieS17Nathan Tokelaulogo Upcoming Season


  • Ritch and Dianted are the first castaways to ever return.
  • Lucky is the first castaway to play three times.
  • Toby is the first castaway to play four times.
  • JR is the first castaway to win as a returning player.

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