Tribe Profile
Season Survivor ORG 3: Maldives
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) ██ Manafaru
██ Vagaru
Lowest Placing Member Nick: (14/18)
Highest Placing Member TBA

Vagaru is one of the starting tribes of Survivor ORG 3: Maldives.



Isaiah Najim rahman Nick
Rick Sam Will


Caleb Devon Nick Rick
Sam Shannon Will


  • Kamana is the first orange tribe.
  • Kamana has lost the fewest players due to a tribe switch, as it only lost two.
    • Kamana also has the largest percentage of its original tribe members who are retained after a tribe switch, with 4/6 (66%) of the original tribe members still remaining on it.
  • Post-switch Kamana is similar to post-switch Escameca from Survivor: Worlds Apart, as both tribes retained four players, gained two from one tribe, and got one from another. Both tribes also dominated challenges in the pre-swap phase of the game.

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