LindsayLover11 a.k.a. Joey is a contestant from Survivor: South Africa


Name: Joey

Current Residence: Minnesota

Personal Claim to Fame: Getting a 4.0 first semester! Woohoo!

Inspiration in Life: My parents

Hobbies in Life: Hanging with friends and family, traveling, reading, being quirky.

Pet Peeves: Pessimists, People who make gross noises when they eat, and people who make fun of others.

Three Words To Describe You: Happy, Smart, Quirky.

If there are 3 things you could have on the island, what would they be and why? My iPod, for entertainment when I'm bored. Personal Hotspot, so I could use my iPod, and a good book.

Favorite Survivor Season: probably Cagayan (so far) or Heroes vs. Villains.

Least Favorite Survivor: I love them all! But my least favorite castaway is definitely Russell.

Reason for Being on Survivor: For fun because I love survivor! And of course....THE MONEY!

Why do you think you'll "Survive" Survivor?: Because I am not a huge physical threat but I am kind and I think they will like me.

Why do you think you'll be the Sole Survivor?: Because I'm determined and a trustworthy person, now let's do this!

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